Safety Training

Safety on the job is a priority, both for me and my clients.

Besides liability insurance the following certifications are always kept up to date.

ENFORM H2S Alive certificate.

ENFORM Fall Protection - General certificate.

ENFORM Petroleum Safety Training certificate.

Standard First Aid, Level C CPR and AED training.

Industry standard $2'000'000 Commercial General Liability.

WCB clearance letter available on request.

Industrial Photography

This is photography of drilling rigs, industrial equipment and manufacturing facilities of all types.

The purpose may be to document a procedure, for use in personnel training, or get advertising photos of your newest design.

Performing the work safely and with minimal disruption to your operation is always a priority.  Oil and Gas industry’s safety requirements are all met.

ENFORM H2S Alive and Petroleum Safety Training certificates.

WCB clearance letter available on request.

Personal Protective Equipment is always worn on location.

Download the Oil & Gas Industrial Portfolio.

Commercial Photography

A commercial photography session is "set-up" with a specific goal in mind. That goal is usually to show off a product or piece of equipment.

The arrangement of studio lighting is the key in drawing the attention to the subject.  This can be done indoors or out.

In all cases the result is an advertisement of your product, whether it’s for the web or an annual report, special attention is always paid to allow flexibility in the final layout.

Download the Industrial and Commercial Portfolio.

Architectural Photography

This is photography of built structures, interiors, exteriors, bridges, parkades and more, all of which are finished.

If they are not finished, they become construction photography, with documentation as a goal.

Architectural photography is all about great lighting and advertising the complete structure.

Download the Architectural and Construction Portfolio.

Getting in Touch

If you have any questions or would like a quote, getting in touch is super easy.

And if you would like to stay in touch, there's always Facebook.

About Wiktor Skupinski

headshot of Wiktor SkupinskiFirst and foremost, I used to be an engineer.  I still take that approach in every project I take on as a photographer.

My understanding of the oil and gas industry has led me to focus exclusively on industrial, commercial and architectural photography.

Most of my days are spent in safety boots and a hard hat.

100% Guaranteed

In all photography I stress top notch quality and I stand behind my work 100%.

Yes, that’s a guarantee, if you’re not happy I will fix the problem or refund your money.

Industry standard $2'000'000 Commercial General Liability.

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Industrial photography of the Big Rock bottling facility in Calgary.
Gas alarm installed at a drilling rig in Calgary. Industrial photography.
Sailor using a sextant in the evening.
Construction photography of NU girders under a bridge in Calgary.